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Transform your $15 router to $200 security router for FREE

Technology is evolving faster and there are more IoT devices at home/office than a few years back. Software Security companies are moving towards securing every connected device at your home/office and not just protecting laptops/smartphones. Traditional Security companies have launched a Wi-Fi router based security product to secure every connected device. Please check McAfee,Norton & F-Secure. There are few more new players like NetSequreeBlockerCujo & Gryphon centered around secured home protection via Wi-Fi router. Protecting every connected device makes sense and router based security technology solve it perfectly. Most of these above Security companies are offering a Hardware/Router device costing around $200-$300 as the premium price for a security solution. Sounds perfect as it brings in huge value to customers. NetSequre has taken a different approach and we are happy about we did. We do have our own branded NetSequre router, in addition to it, we provide custom …
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How to secure your home network ?

Every home network device is connected to Internet via Wi-Fi router.  Right way to protect every home device is to implement security on Wi-Fi router and filter-out all unwanted traffic at central point.

GENIE - Total Internet Security is such a router built for security.What is GENIE - Total Internet Security ?GENIE   is   next  generation   Wi-­Fi  router and  ecosystem of servers to  offers Internet security and on-line child  protection​  for all connected devices at home and office. Why Genie - Total Internet Security ? You might be using most secure desktop operating system along with best security products installed on to them, however if your network is insecure you can lose the game due to weakest link. GENIE secures this link. Not every network device can be secured by installing security product. These devices are equally vulnerable as your desktop/laptop and needs protection. With ZERO footprint on devices, GENIE fills the gap. Wi-Fi router forms the netwo…

How to go Incognito from ISP and websites ?

Incognito mode or private mode in browsers is extensively used for various reasons. Core value it brings is non-persistence of your browsing history.  Your browser starts with clean slate and leaves no traces on laptop/device which is great for privacy.  Just to refresh what you get from Incoginto - Browser starts with clean slate - No cookies or older traces of visiting any sites or login info Leave no traces of visiting any siteCleanup any cookies when you close down browser  All-in-all a great tool for privacy.  Using just Incognito mode is NOT the total solution for privacy. You need to go beyond that. Your browser clearly calls out two warnings  Your Internet service provider (ISP) can see what you do onlineWebsites you visit knows where you come from - your physical location is known

2000+ Companies track you online with 26 types of trackers

Yes, that’s true! you read it right. More than 2000+ companies around the world are built for tracking you in 26 different ways to sell you personalized content/ads, emails, or target you for online scams like phishing. Almost every website you visit uses services from these 2000+ companies.  Over the time huge amount of info about you is getting collected, shared and sold. You are the product and websites wants to know everything about you to sell something. Your public IP address, operating system, browser, screen size of device and cookies are all known to websites, however companies go far beyond and trace you with next level of intelligence built into their systems. Here are the 25 types of website trackers that tracks your every move online. Serious Privacy Trackers
1. Device Fingerprinting - These apps can identify and Id a user across multiple devices 2. Visitor De-Anonymization -These apps are actively engaged in identifying a particular browser session to be actual user using…