Monday, September 4, 2017

Transform your $15 router to $200 security router for FREE

Technology is evolving faster and there are more IoT devices at home/office than a few years back. Software Security companies are moving towards securing every connected device at your home/office and not just protecting laptops/smartphones.

Traditional Security companies have launched a Wi-Fi router based security product to secure every connected device. Please check McAfee, Norton & F-Secure. There are few more new players like NetSequreeBlockerCujo & Gryphon centered around secured home protection via Wi-Fi router.

Protecting every connected device makes sense and router based security technology solve it perfectly.

Most of these above Security companies are offering a Hardware/Router device costing around $200-$300 as the premium price for a security solution. Sounds perfect as it brings in huge value to customers.

NetSequre has taken a different approach and we are happy about we did. We do have our own branded NetSequre router, in addition to it, we provide custom NetSequre firmware for around 200+ market available routers. We have generalized our network security stack to be able to run on various hardware/routers.

Eco-friendly & Economical option

You don’t need to throw away your existing router and buy a costly router. Go for the eco-friendly and economical option! NetSequre. This is exactly what we are doing with one of our ISPs in India – We will be migrating a huge number of TP-Link routers with the NetSequre solution to provide Security & manageability. Big Win!

One of the most popular router TP-Link TL-WR841n (the one in title image) comes at a cost of around $15 in India and NetSequre support it. Users can download the firmware for free and install it just like upgrading your router firmware. That’s it!

Once the NetSequre firmware is installed, router reboots with a default SSID to configure it for WAN, Wi-Fi & account settings. There you go to start using one of the most security focused router.

Pre-Configured Wi-Fi Networks – NetSequre starts with three pre-configured SSIDs – Primary, Childsafe & Guest Wi-Fi. Network policies are predefined for each SSID and ready to use out-of-the-box. Zero configuration required.

How does NetSequre secure your home network?

Provides online safety – Surf, Bank, Play, Shop and Socialize Securely on any device.One less thing to worry about online threats like short-URLs, phishing email, viruses, spyware, ransomware and more. Secure every device at home from latest online threats.

Provide Safe & Secure Internet For Kids – Filters pornographic and 20+ website categories automatically. Filters Google images and YouTube videos for adult content.

Cloud based Security for up-to-date protection – Routers with NetSequre firmware talks to cloud based Secure DNS solution from NetSequre that filters out bad content and allow the rest.

AdBlocking & Anti-Web tracking on all devices – Block ads and web-tracking on all connected devices. It saves bandwidth and provides privacy against the web trackers.

DNS Encryption for Privacy and Security – A high-end router with better capacity provides DNS Encryption to provide best security and privacy. Your browsing history is hidden from your ISP & higher authorities.

Additional Key feature to protect your home network –

  1. Secure auto-updates to router software to keep it up-to-date

  2. Security that cannot be bypassed

  3. Cloud managed router to remotely fix and configure the router

  4. Policy defined network that can be customized per SSID

  5. And several more features to protect you in various ways

Learn more here

What about hardware warranty?

We worked very closely with TP-Link India and confirmed that hardware warranty continues without a problem.

Does NetSequre charge for Security Services?

Yes, we do provide Security as service and its paid after 30-day trial. Here is pricing the chart. Do read next paragraph!

Good News – Want a free lifetime security subscription? 

NetSequre is giving away free subscription for our first 1000 subscribers starting today. No strings attached – No catch.

After installation please email us from the registered email address with routers MAC address and we will activate your free lifetime subscription.

Questions? – Drop us an email at

Legal Note: McAfee, Norton, F-Secure, Cujo, eBlocker & Gryphon – All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Warranty Note: Ensure you do not brick the router with incorrect firmware. Bricked routers are not covered under warranty.

NetSequre is a company based in Bangalore, India. The company is geared toward Network Security and provides various security solution over wireless. Author of this article Mangesh Bhamre, Founder & CEO of NetSequre has in-depth knowledge on Networking, Security and latest online threats which is reflected in NetSequre product line.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

How to secure your home network ?

Every home network device is connected to Internet via Wi-Fi router.  Right way to protect every home device is to implement security on Wi-Fi router and filter-out all unwanted traffic at central point.

GENIE - Total Internet Security is such a router built for security.

What is GENIE - Total Internet Security ?

GENIE   is   next  generation   Wi-­Fi  router and  ecosystem of servers to  offers Internet security and on-line child  protection​  for all connected devices at home and office.
Why Genie - Total Internet Security ?
You might be using most secure desktop operating system along with best security products installed on to them, however if your network is insecure you can lose the game due to weakest link. GENIE secures this link.
Not every network device can be secured by installing security product. These devices are equally vulnerable as your desktop/laptop and needs protection. With ZERO footprint on devices, GENIE fills the gap.
Wi-Fi router forms the network hub at home and office. Every network device you have connects to Wi-Fi router and thus centralized security makes most sense. Applying policies centrally and securing every device is feasible by running security on Wi-Fi router.
We wish to bring in enterprise grade security to “Home and SMB” at most affordable price and that can be managed by a regular Internet user. GENIE - Total Internet Security is our solution for this.
GENIE is not yet another Wi-Fi router on shelf like TP-Link, Netgear, D-Link, iBall and others. It’s our innovation for next billion homes and offices to make them safe online.
What GENIE provides ?
It   exposes   three   separate   Wi­Fi   SSIDs   from   the   router,   primary   Wi­Fi   for   online   security,   second  Wi­Fi   for   online   child   protection   and   third   for   guest.   Router   is   pre-configured to block   adult  content and make Internet safer for you and your kids.
1. Internet Security - Protects   your   every   device   from   Phishing, Spyware   Ransomware and  Malware  attacks.   Uses   advanced   DNS   protection  techniques to block fraudulent websites. Backed with up-to-date security to protect you from latest online threats.
2. Google/YouTube adult content filtering - Forces   google   safe   search for   kids.   Filters   out   adult/mature   content   on   google   search.   Kids   will  be   able   to   only   see   child­safe   videos.   YouTube   search   will   automatically   block   any adult   videos  on any device on any browser. Zero installation on devices. A filtering service that cannot be turned off by kids.
3. Blocking adult/mature websites - Block all porn and other adult content that kids may stumble upon. By default it blocks 20 categories of websites out-of-box.
4. Filters that can’t be circumvented -  GENIE is built with advanced firewall technique to prevent smart kid or employee that may try out to bypass or workaround content filtering.  GENIE block TOR, VPN,  Email, FTP, proxy, Torrent download and any unknown traffic accessed using IP address instead of DNS. A way advance mechanism to break through.
5. Zero config -  We believe security should not complicate user's interaction with technology. GENIE is ready to use out-of-box without any configuration. Just connect your devices to primary, child-safe or guest Wi-Fi. No device based configuration, or installing apps on every device. Protection starts instantly.
6. Secure by design - Every router comes with complex unique passwords for admin and Wi-Fi to reduce common attack vectors. No access to routers admin panel for child safe and guest WiFi to prevent cracking tools. We ensured only required functionality is built into router to reduce attack surface. No fancy features like UPnP & WPC which are known for security weakness.
6. Performance - Hardware is upscaled to run security on it without impacting performance. Our test result showcase zero performance impact due to additional security. In fact with DNS caching on router, we improved performance of DNS request-response by 50X. Faster the DNS response, faster the browsing experience and that’s what we exactly achieved.
7. Auto updates - GENIE has auto-updates mechanism to provide newer functionality, security fixes and performance improvements. It gets better to server and secure you at its best.
8. Standard features - We bundle in all that a standard off-the-shelf Wi-Fi router provides.  300 Mbps high end router, with sufficient Wi-Fi range covering 3 BHK home. A reasonable processor and RAM to support 20+ users/devices.
Blocking pages that user see if they visit phishing  or blocked site -

Open Netware’s Secure DNS Technology

Open Netware host bunch of secure DNS servers to provide Internet security and Parental control with our secure DNS technology. Here are few functionality it provides
1. Secure DNS solution provides Internet Security, protecting users against phishing, malware, spyware, ransomware, suspicious and virus infected websites. 
2. Parental control DNS protection blocks adult content that kids may stumble upon. It blocks around 12 different categories of websites which kids should not be visiting. Around 2.6 million websites that we block and continue to update daily. Peace of mind for busy parents is the aim.
3. Privacy and Security using latest using DNSCrypt. It’s like SSL for DNS queries. No one can intercept DNS queries or re-route you to fraudulent websites.
4. Hybrid DNS solution (Cloud DNS and router level DNS) gives us big advantage of both worlds. Speed and up-to-date protection. A unique offering.
5. Daily updates to our DNS to block latest threats and unwanted websites to provide up-to-date protection. Rich set of third-party DNS paid integration to give our users max protection from latest online threats.
6. Cloud based security to provide you instant protection without users interception. Round the clock protection behind the scene to protect all your devices.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

How to go Incognito from ISP and websites ?

Incognito mode or private mode in browsers is extensively used for various reasons. Core value it brings is non-persistence of your browsing history.  Your browser starts with clean slate and leaves no traces on laptop/device which is great for privacy.
 Just to refresh what you get from Incoginto -
  1.  Browser starts with clean slate - No cookies or older traces of visiting any sites or login info 
  2. Leave no traces of visiting any site
  3. Cleanup any cookies when you close down browser 
All-in-all a great tool for privacy. 
Using just Incognito mode is NOT the total solution for privacy. You need to go beyond that.
Your browser clearly calls out two warnings 
  1. Your Internet service provider (ISP) can see what you do online
  2. Websites you visit knows where you come from - your physical location is known 

Possible solution ?  Use VPN / Tor / Tor-Router

Use VPN 

 Virtual Private Network(VPN) is known way to protect yourself from ISP. It creates a tunnel between your computer and a server and all data from machine gets encrypted.  You ISP cannot see what you browse or download.

There are lots of VPN service provider with various internal options to choose from.  Most of VPN vendors come with handy app/program to install on your laptop and use login credentials to go incognito. 

Advantage of using VPN:
  1. Great for travel purposes. If you connect to public Wi-Fi then VPN is perfect
  2. Multiple servers world wide to connect and choose your exit point. Most VPN vendors have distributed network of servers around the globe for you
Disadvantage of using VPN:
  1. Its a paid service
  2. You need to configure it on every device on which you need privacy
  3. Your data now can be snooped by VPN vendors.

Use Tor  browser -

Tor browser has been getting popular for privacy and its been used by 2 million plus people around the globe.  Its a package that you need to download and run from your laptop which comes with its own browser (Firefox tuned for privacy).
Once you use Tor browser, all network-data from browser gets encrypted and traversed between random servers around the globe. Your ISP cannot see which sites you visit, neither websites know where you come from. Read more on Tor here -
Advantages of Tor Browser:
  1. Its a free service
  2. Your data gets encrypted with tree layered encryption 
  3. Data travels between random volunteered servers and thus great level of privacy
Disadvantages of Tor Browser
  1. Tor slows down your network as it routes your network traffic from multiple servers before it hits the website.
  2. Tor browser is platform specific - available for Mac / Linux / Windows / Android  and you need to install it on every device. 

Use Tor Router - 

A new generation of routers are seen in recent years that integrates Tor in Wi-Fi router. You connect any device to this Wi-Fi router and your privacy is ON.  No installation required on any device.  Your network-data from any device and any app gets routed from Tor Network.  ISPs can't see which websites you browse, neither websites know your location.
There are three companies(in my knowledge) in this space - "Privacy On Top",  "Anonabox" and "InvizBox"

Note that you need to still use Incognito mode when you use Tor Router. You now get benefit of protecting your entire network data from ISP and also all advantage of local Incognito mode.
Advantages of Tor Router- 
  1. Network Data from all devices and app gets encrypted and routed via multiple servers.
  2. No installation of any app on any device
  3. Centralized privacy for all your home device
Disadvantages of Tor Router
  1. You need to buy Tor Router - Its a one time purchase though
  2. Tor slows down your network as data is routed from multiple servers around world.
Hope you found this article useful. Please share and comment on it.  Would love to hear more options in case if I missed anything.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

2000+ Companies track you online with 26 types of trackers

Yes, that’s true! you read it right. More than 2000+ companies around the world are built for tracking you in 26 different ways to sell you personalized content/ads, emails, or target you for online scams like phishing.
Almost every website you visit uses services from these 2000+ companies.  Over the time huge amount of info about you is getting collected, shared and sold. You are the product and websites wants to know everything about you to sell something.
Your public IP address, operating system, browser, screen size of device and cookies are all known to websites, however companies go far beyond and trace you with next level of intelligence built into their systems.
Here are the 25 types of website trackers that tracks your every move online.

Serious Privacy Trackers

1. Device Fingerprinting - These apps can identify and Id a user across multiple devices
2. Visitor De-Anonymization -These apps are actively engaged in identifying a particular browser session to be actual user using that browser
3. Behaviour Tracking - These apps engage in tracking your behaviour or deriving your behavioural traits through traffic examination
4. History Sniffing  - These entries are known to "Sniff" your browsing history, meaning, they check which sites you've visited in the past
There are 54+ companies around world geared to monitor you very closely. They know you better than your spouse.

Analytics Trackers

5. Analytics
 - Tracks your visits, revisits, page navigation within site, duration and device details
6. Local Analytics - These trackers are usually operated as self-hosted solutions by the first party web sites
7. E-mail Analytics - Apps that collect information on how well an email campaign is working
There are around 144+ companies in addition to google that provides analytic solutions that websites can integrate to watch your move across their websites.

Advertisement Trackers

8. Affiliate Marketing - Advertising generated by these apps is known as affiliate marketing
9. Popunders & Popups - A type of self-explanatory advertising that these apps engage in

10. In-Text Ads -
  A tag for advertising companies that like to provide annoying ads in-text via deceptive hyperlinks

11. Interstitials - An incredibly annoying advertising technique that forces a user to see an ad that appears between certain content or before they could access some content.
12. Lead Management - These apps are designed to generate new potential business clientele by connecting outgoing consumer advertising with the responses to that advertising

13. Overlays - Another annoying advertising technique that involves content overlays that have to be closed prior to seeing content. 

14. Pornvertising - This is a collection of advertisers that most often appear on pornographic sites

15. Segment Data - These apps are involved in deriving segmentation data through the tracking
There are around 136 companies that provides personalized ads that websites can integrate to generate revenue for them.


Standard website plugins trackers

16. Website Chat - These apps are generally used to provide ability for site operator to chat with visitors
17. Feedback - These companies offer widgets and other tools that help operators gather and respond to feedback
18. Polls - These companies offer widgets that are used in asking site visitors simple questions and aggregating results in a poll result

19. Social - All kinds of social sharing widgets that are easily recognizable

20. Commenting systems - These apps are commonly used to provide the web site with some kinds of commenting functionality

21. Audio / Video Player  - Self explanatory

Search Tracker

22. Search - These apps are involved in providing off-site search, so if search functionality is broken these are the entries to look at

Website Management Trackers

23. A/B Testing 
- Tracking apps that provide A/B testing scaffolds for web-sites

24. Font Systems - That affect how your fonts are rendered on the web sites
25. Tag Manager -  THis is a collection of apps that provide third party tag management

26. Site Optimization
 - These apps provide various means to optimize visited websites
Data source : Ghostery extension for chrome
Every top website you visit integrates with average 5 different tracking companies out of 2000, so as to target your identity and improve marketability. Source here.
Install Ghostery extension from here and visit top websites. You should be able to see a number on the Ghostery app. Screenshot showing 13 trackers on 

Below screenshot showing 2000+ trackers and categories.


How can you prevent tracking & improve privacy ?

  1. Install Ghostery chrome extension and block all trackers from here. FireFox extension here.
  2. Use Incognito / Private browsing mode while you do shopping, research, or do casual browsing. Start with clean slate and prevent your browsing patterns been read by websites.
  3. Tor Browser - Use Tor browser is browser to hide your identity from websites. 
  4. Tor Router - User Tor Router provides online anonymity and privacy - better solution than Tor browser. It encrypts all data so that ISP can’t see. You physical address gets hidden from websites can thus blocking targeted ads. Visit - . Privacy On Top is custom Wi-Fi router with Tor installation built for privacy and security.
Data source Ghostery extension for chrome
Mangesh Bhamre

Transform your $15 router to $200 security router for FREE

Technology is evolving faster and there are more IoT devices at home/office than a few years back. Software Security companies are movi...