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Use Bookmarks for Bank websites!

Online banking is preferred way for bank transactions and we hardly visit bank building. Most banks do provide android/iphone apps  to take it further. Bank websites are here to stay and do provide rich set of services for customers; and here lies the security issue. You need to protect you identity while logging in and prevent using your credentials on any other fake websites.

Use browser bookmarks to open bank website:
Always visit your bank using a bookmark on your browser. Simple practice can save your money
  • Never search for bank URL in google or any search engine. You may land up in fake website
  • Never search bank website URL in emails, you might open fraudulent email with URL pointing to site that looks similar to your bank. You may end up entering credentials and give away access to hackers
  • Do NOT bookmark 'Sign in' page as it can change, always bookmark main website of bank e.g., you can then follow the 'Sign in' page from there. Just Bookmark bank website once and use it thereon! 

Secured Bank website:
Ensure you open up bank website that starts with https://  (secure) and not http:// (non-secure). When you bookmark website make sure it points to HTTPS secure link. All banks should be using secure mechanism on their website. Bailout if you see non-secure version of website. Note - There might be cases wherein base bank page is non-secure, however 'Sign in' page will be secure - keep an eye when you login.

Do NOT login if web certificate shows red/yellow alert:
Trusted web authorities issues digital certificates to bank for their websites. If certificate matches the website you are visiting then no issues. However if certificate granted is for different website and webpage claims that its for your bank then a red alert message is shown by browser as below. There is something surely wrong. Do NOT login and enter your credentials. There are high chances that your username/password may land up in hands of third-party website which can then be used on real bank website.

These rules are of course not just for banks, but for any website that you think should be securely accessed. e.g. email/stock website/social networking/etc. You know it better for that matter now.


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