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Why NOT to upgrade to Windows 10!

New Windows 10 OS from Microsoft is launched and available world wide now. People get free upgrade to new shiny OS from Microsoft and everyone is happy about it. Here are the hidden facts that you should care about!

#1 Whatever you say is getting recorded via mic and sent to Microsoft
Microsoft has given a nice name to it called 'Cortana', the voice assistance to help you search and type. However it records every word you say and transmits it. All your meeting minutes, private discussions are been processed and maintained by Microsoft.

#2 Whatever you type on your keyboard gets sent to Microsoft
That means you give all your passwords, emails, chats, comments, account numbers to Microsoft  as you type! Reasoning Microsoft gives for this is to auto-correct spellings and provide word recommendation for faster typing. They have installed key-logger officially on Windows 10.

#3 All documents/photos/content on your computer gets backed up on Microsoft servers and can get shared wit…