Saturday, October 8, 2016

How to secure your home network ?

Every home network device is connected to Internet via Wi-Fi router.  Right way to protect every home device is to implement security on Wi-Fi router and filter-out all unwanted traffic at central point.

GENIE - Total Internet Security is such a router built for security.

What is GENIE - Total Internet Security ?

GENIE   is   next  generation   Wi-­Fi  router and  ecosystem of servers to  offers Internet security and on-line child  protection​  for all connected devices at home and office.
Why Genie - Total Internet Security ?
You might be using most secure desktop operating system along with best security products installed on to them, however if your network is insecure you can lose the game due to weakest link. GENIE secures this link.
Not every network device can be secured by installing security product. These devices are equally vulnerable as your desktop/laptop and needs protection. With ZERO footprint on devices, GENIE fills the gap.
Wi-Fi router forms the network hub at home and office. Every network device you have connects to Wi-Fi router and thus centralized security makes most sense. Applying policies centrally and securing every device is feasible by running security on Wi-Fi router.
We wish to bring in enterprise grade security to “Home and SMB” at most affordable price and that can be managed by a regular Internet user. GENIE - Total Internet Security is our solution for this.
GENIE is not yet another Wi-Fi router on shelf like TP-Link, Netgear, D-Link, iBall and others. It’s our innovation for next billion homes and offices to make them safe online.
What GENIE provides ?
It   exposes   three   separate   Wi­Fi   SSIDs   from   the   router,   primary   Wi­Fi   for   online   security,   second  Wi­Fi   for   online   child   protection   and   third   for   guest.   Router   is   pre-configured to block   adult  content and make Internet safer for you and your kids.
1. Internet Security - Protects   your   every   device   from   Phishing, Spyware   Ransomware and  Malware  attacks.   Uses   advanced   DNS   protection  techniques to block fraudulent websites. Backed with up-to-date security to protect you from latest online threats.
2. Google/YouTube adult content filtering - Forces   google   safe   search for   kids.   Filters   out   adult/mature   content   on   google   search.   Kids   will  be   able   to   only   see   child­safe   videos.   YouTube   search   will   automatically   block   any adult   videos  on any device on any browser. Zero installation on devices. A filtering service that cannot be turned off by kids.
3. Blocking adult/mature websites - Block all porn and other adult content that kids may stumble upon. By default it blocks 20 categories of websites out-of-box.
4. Filters that can’t be circumvented -  GENIE is built with advanced firewall technique to prevent smart kid or employee that may try out to bypass or workaround content filtering.  GENIE block TOR, VPN,  Email, FTP, proxy, Torrent download and any unknown traffic accessed using IP address instead of DNS. A way advance mechanism to break through.
5. Zero config -  We believe security should not complicate user's interaction with technology. GENIE is ready to use out-of-box without any configuration. Just connect your devices to primary, child-safe or guest Wi-Fi. No device based configuration, or installing apps on every device. Protection starts instantly.
6. Secure by design - Every router comes with complex unique passwords for admin and Wi-Fi to reduce common attack vectors. No access to routers admin panel for child safe and guest WiFi to prevent cracking tools. We ensured only required functionality is built into router to reduce attack surface. No fancy features like UPnP & WPC which are known for security weakness.
6. Performance - Hardware is upscaled to run security on it without impacting performance. Our test result showcase zero performance impact due to additional security. In fact with DNS caching on router, we improved performance of DNS request-response by 50X. Faster the DNS response, faster the browsing experience and that’s what we exactly achieved.
7. Auto updates - GENIE has auto-updates mechanism to provide newer functionality, security fixes and performance improvements. It gets better to server and secure you at its best.
8. Standard features - We bundle in all that a standard off-the-shelf Wi-Fi router provides.  300 Mbps high end router, with sufficient Wi-Fi range covering 3 BHK home. A reasonable processor and RAM to support 20+ users/devices.
Blocking pages that user see if they visit phishing  or blocked site -

Open Netware’s Secure DNS Technology

Open Netware host bunch of secure DNS servers to provide Internet security and Parental control with our secure DNS technology. Here are few functionality it provides
1. Secure DNS solution provides Internet Security, protecting users against phishing, malware, spyware, ransomware, suspicious and virus infected websites. 
2. Parental control DNS protection blocks adult content that kids may stumble upon. It blocks around 12 different categories of websites which kids should not be visiting. Around 2.6 million websites that we block and continue to update daily. Peace of mind for busy parents is the aim.
3. Privacy and Security using latest using DNSCrypt. It’s like SSL for DNS queries. No one can intercept DNS queries or re-route you to fraudulent websites.
4. Hybrid DNS solution (Cloud DNS and router level DNS) gives us big advantage of both worlds. Speed and up-to-date protection. A unique offering.
5. Daily updates to our DNS to block latest threats and unwanted websites to provide up-to-date protection. Rich set of third-party DNS paid integration to give our users max protection from latest online threats.
6. Cloud based security to provide you instant protection without users interception. Round the clock protection behind the scene to protect all your devices.


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