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How to secure your home network ?

Every home network device is connected to Internet via Wi-Fi router.  Right way to protect every home device is to implement security on Wi-Fi router and filter-out all unwanted traffic at central point.

GENIE - Total Internet Security is such a router built for security.What is GENIE - Total Internet Security ?GENIE   is   next  generation   Wi-­Fi  router and  ecosystem of servers to  offers Internet security and on-line child  protection​  for all connected devices at home and office. Why Genie - Total Internet Security ? You might be using most secure desktop operating system along with best security products installed on to them, however if your network is insecure you can lose the game due to weakest link. GENIE secures this link. Not every network device can be secured by installing security product. These devices are equally vulnerable as your desktop/laptop and needs protection. With ZERO footprint on devices, GENIE fills the gap. Wi-Fi router forms the netwo…