Monday, September 4, 2017

Transform your $15 router to $200 security router for FREE

Technology is evolving faster and there are more IoT devices at home/office than a few years back. Software Security companies are moving towards securing every connected device at your home/office and not just protecting laptops/smartphones.

Traditional Security companies have launched a Wi-Fi router based security product to secure every connected device. Please check McAfee, Norton & F-Secure. There are few more new players like NetSequreeBlockerCujo & Gryphon centered around secured home protection via Wi-Fi router.

Protecting every connected device makes sense and router based security technology solve it perfectly.

Most of these above Security companies are offering a Hardware/Router device costing around $200-$300 as the premium price for a security solution. Sounds perfect as it brings in huge value to customers.

NetSequre has taken a different approach and we are happy about we did. We do have our own branded NetSequre router, in addition to it, we provide custom NetSequre firmware for around 200+ market available routers. We have generalized our network security stack to be able to run on various hardware/routers.

Eco-friendly & Economical option

You don’t need to throw away your existing router and buy a costly router. Go for the eco-friendly and economical option! NetSequre. This is exactly what we are doing with one of our ISPs in India – We will be migrating a huge number of TP-Link routers with the NetSequre solution to provide Security & manageability. Big Win!

One of the most popular router TP-Link TL-WR841n (the one in title image) comes at a cost of around $15 in India and NetSequre support it. Users can download the firmware for free and install it just like upgrading your router firmware. That’s it!

Once the NetSequre firmware is installed, router reboots with a default SSID to configure it for WAN, Wi-Fi & account settings. There you go to start using one of the most security focused router.

Pre-Configured Wi-Fi Networks – NetSequre starts with three pre-configured SSIDs – Primary, Childsafe & Guest Wi-Fi. Network policies are predefined for each SSID and ready to use out-of-the-box. Zero configuration required.

How does NetSequre secure your home network?

Provides online safety – Surf, Bank, Play, Shop and Socialize Securely on any device.One less thing to worry about online threats like short-URLs, phishing email, viruses, spyware, ransomware and more. Secure every device at home from latest online threats.

Provide Safe & Secure Internet For Kids – Filters pornographic and 20+ website categories automatically. Filters Google images and YouTube videos for adult content.

Cloud based Security for up-to-date protection – Routers with NetSequre firmware talks to cloud based Secure DNS solution from NetSequre that filters out bad content and allow the rest.

AdBlocking & Anti-Web tracking on all devices – Block ads and web-tracking on all connected devices. It saves bandwidth and provides privacy against the web trackers.

DNS Encryption for Privacy and Security – A high-end router with better capacity provides DNS Encryption to provide best security and privacy. Your browsing history is hidden from your ISP & higher authorities.

Additional Key feature to protect your home network –

  1. Secure auto-updates to router software to keep it up-to-date

  2. Security that cannot be bypassed

  3. Cloud managed router to remotely fix and configure the router

  4. Policy defined network that can be customized per SSID

  5. And several more features to protect you in various ways

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What about hardware warranty?

We worked very closely with TP-Link India and confirmed that hardware warranty continues without a problem.

Does NetSequre charge for Security Services?

Yes, we do provide Security as service and its paid after 30-day trial. Here is pricing the chart. Do read next paragraph!

Good News – Want a free lifetime security subscription? 

NetSequre is giving away free subscription for our first 1000 subscribers starting today. No strings attached – No catch.

After installation please email us from the registered email address with routers MAC address and we will activate your free lifetime subscription.

Questions? – Drop us an email at

Legal Note: McAfee, Norton, F-Secure, Cujo, eBlocker & Gryphon – All product names, logos, and brands are the property of their respective owners.

Warranty Note: Ensure you do not brick the router with incorrect firmware. Bricked routers are not covered under warranty.

NetSequre is a company based in Bangalore, India. The company is geared toward Network Security and provides various security solution over wireless. Author of this article Mangesh Bhamre, Founder & CEO of NetSequre has in-depth knowledge on Networking, Security and latest online threats which is reflected in NetSequre product line.

Transform your $15 router to $200 security router for FREE

Technology is evolving faster and there are more IoT devices at home/office than a few years back. Software Security companies are movi...