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Transform your $15 router to $200 security router for FREE

Technology is evolving faster and there are more IoT devices at home/office than a few years back. Software Security companies are moving towards securing every connected device at your home/office and not just protecting laptops/smartphones. Traditional Security companies have launched a Wi-Fi router based security product to secure every connected device. Please check McAfee,Norton & F-Secure. There are few more new players like NetSequreeBlockerCujo & Gryphon centered around secured home protection via Wi-Fi router. Protecting every connected device makes sense and router based security technology solve it perfectly. Most of these above Security companies are offering a Hardware/Router device costing around $200-$300 as the premium price for a security solution. Sounds perfect as it brings in huge value to customers. NetSequre has taken a different approach and we are happy about we did. We do have our own branded NetSequre router, in addition to it, we provide custom …